Nov. 22, More Than You Wanted to Know: A Cat Scan of my Brain or a Burning Tree?

I really try to keep this blog pretty much dedicated to Photography and not a place for my general rants or complaints about my various ailments, so I’m certain this will be way more than you wanted to know about me, but here we go.

From time to time I’m afflicted by insomnia wherein I can only get an hour or two sleep for several days running. I describe it as an affliction because after a few days of this, there is nothing good or pleasant. Everything just becomes various degrees of painful and one longs for even a few hours of blissful rest. So why do I even mention it, other than as an excuse for my poor writing and photography?

When I opened the Lumenbox today, to take out the 73 hour exposure inside, it appeared that I had gotten some good color in the shot. When I scanned and inverted it, I was taken aback. I find it a really wild image and thought to myself “this is what a cat scan of my brain would look like right now”.

In truth, it’s just the ten billionth shot of my neighbor’s house. For this shot the Lumenbox was taped to the window sill for 73 hours and received a good bit of sunshine (and quite a bit of darkness as well).

Eventually I’ll run out of semi interesting window locations to place the Lumenbox in, but until then I’ll keep these experiments up. These are the kind of results I’ve been hoping for.

Burning Tree-73 Hours

2 responses to “Nov. 22, More Than You Wanted to Know: A Cat Scan of my Brain or a Burning Tree?”

  1. Looks like a portal to a new inter dimension.


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