Nov. 18, 75 Hours

I think I may have hit the sweet spot for interior Lumenbox exposures in the winter. I don’t recall seeing colors like this since this summer’s The Souls of Burning Objects series. It always pleases me to get some naturalistic colors as well as the more Fauvist hues, the fence in this shot really is brown, but without the rainbow colored bits. Having recently shot a roll of LomoChrome Turquoise, the color palette in this photo bears a certain similarity to the turquoise shots, weird.

I’m quite pleased with this one, but I realize I’m limited to locales where I can tape a camera in the window for several days, at the moment that seems to be home and work, which may limit the composition of my shots a bit. Oh well, as I’ve said before one works with what one gots.

This one was shot over the course of three mostly bright and cloudless days but it never saw direct sun. I think another storm is on its way, so the next exposure may need to be nearly a week long to get good colors. The experiments continue…

75 Hours

4 responses to “Nov. 18, 75 Hours”

  1. This one like a painting! Beautiful!


    1. Thanks so much Fred! I’m embarking on the process of really fine tuning these indoor exposures for maximum color. It’s a slow process as you would imagine.


  2. Agree with Fred, it is painterly and bright, well done keep up the experiments!


    1. Thank you Erwin! I will continue!


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