Oct. 16, Pods, Grass and Prickly Pear with the Canon Auto Up:

I recently acquired an old Canon Auto Up VII close up attachment to fit my Serenar 50mm f/1.8 lens, here are my first attempts with it. Shot on Kentmere 400 at box speed and developed in Artemisianol.

The Auto Up is quite a cool device. Each one is lens specific although mine is designated to fit Canon 50mm f/1.8, 2.0 and 1.5 lenses. It also compensates for parallax and allows close focus from (I think) 15″-22″.

I’ve been considering trying a Canon 50mm f/1.5 so it’s good to know the Auto Up would fit if I come across a good deal on one.

Canon Auto UP I

Here is a photo I stole from Flynn Graphics, it’s not my camera of course and I have the closer focusing VII, but you get the idea. It’s a really nicely designed and manufactured device although I think it makes a somewhat sleek and purposeful looking rangefinder look like its wearing a very geeky reading monocle. If monocles can be geeky?

The Auto Up is very easy to use as you can focus with the split image in the rangefinder/viewfinder. I found it easier to use with the first magnification setting on the Canon viewfinder although it made framing pure guesswork. I should have left my auxiliary viewfinder on top of the Canon to help with framing, at least I imagine it would have helped. Oh well, next time. The other drawback of the Auto Up is that you can’t change apertures without removing the device, not a big deal to me in this context.

I think Canon purchased the rights to manufacturing the Auto Up but before that I think they made them to accommodate some other Japanese brands of the era. If you have a 50s Japanese rangefinder it might be worth seeking one out. They can still be found for pretty much dirt cheap. If I find a VI in the right configuration and price I’ll probably go for that too. In my easily amused brain being able to use a close up lens with a Barnack style rangefinder is a little bit cheating, in a good way…

Pods 3
Prickly Pear 4
Pod 72
Prickly Pear 7
Dead Blooms 2
Pods 1

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