Nov. 15, 3 from the Archives

These are from Dec. 10 of last year and among the first of my film photos after a hiatus from taking pictures of about 30 years. Back then I primarily took photographs as a way of documenting my art work. In those days shooting slides of your work, Kodachrome in daylight and tungsten Ektachrome under hot lights was really the only way to present your work to schools or galleries. Learning how to take decent slides in both natural and artificial light was a necessity if one wanted to put their best foot forward artistically.

These three interior shots are pretty mundane (so what’s new, you might be thinking?), they were shot on Ilford HP-5 with my 15mm Voigtander lens and Canon IVSb2, probably developed in Cinestill monobath as that was the first developer I ever used. These may be from the first roll of film that I ever developed and scanned.

Winter Night
Winter Inside
Bag on Door

4 responses to “Nov. 15, 3 from the Archives”

  1. What about that turntable in the background?


    1. It’s a VPI Prime about 5 years old.


      1. Wow! That’s a nice bit of kit.


      2. Thanks Khürt! I got a great deal on it or I wouldn’t have been able to afford a turntable that nice!


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