Nov. 13 5 Frames of 6×12 with My Noon Pinhole

Is this really only the second roll that I’ve shot with this camera? I think it’s true, but there is something so right and familiar about the Noon that it seems like I’ve been shooting it for a long time, which I definitely haven’t.

Everything about this camera just seems right, unfortunately the innate goodness of the Noon pinhole hasn’t yet resulted in wonderful images on my part. It may be that I just don’t get on that well with the 6×12 format? I see many 6×12 photographs that I find impressive, just not any by me.

The Noon 612

A while back I deacquisitioned a Reality So Subtle 6×12 pinhole camera in favor of a RSS 6×6 largely because of the extremely short focal length of the 6×6. The RSS was a very nice camera, but at the time, it just didn’t have a wide enough angle of view for me. The 6×6 certainly does. Also, the RSS 6×12 was a real bear to load. I can’t tell you how long it took me to figure that part of it out and how many rolls of film I wasted trying, but then again, I can be a real idiot about the simplest of things.

The Noon on the other hand is dead easy to load and these days I’m a little less insistent on very wide angle cameras, hopefully practice will allow me to make better use of the 6×12 format.

These were shot on Rollei RPX 25 using the nifty little exposure chart that comes with Noon and developed in Artemisianol. I think I’ll develop the next roll of RPX from this camera in Cinestill monobath as that developer seems to really bring out the super high contrast nature of RPX 25.

Corner House

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