Nov. 11, 10 Frames of Reno Alleys with Adox CMS

I hope you’re not getting too tired of seeing photographs shot with Adox CMS II? It’s a film that seems to always pleasantly surprise me and I currently have several rolls on hand that I plan to shoot in the near future. The Adox Adotech IV, the developer recommended by Adox and the only developer I’ve used with CMS has a limited limited lifespan and I don’t want to waste it, while in the scheme of things it’s not expensive, it’s certainly pricier than my almost free Artemisianol.

My only gripe is that CMS isn’t available in 120 format, but what’s a photographer without a gripe or a few?

These were from the same roll as my recent shots of midtown Reno and indeed these were taken in midtown as well and shot at ISO 25, but these are all alley shots, alleys are one of my favorite haunts when walking around town. I think this might be a good place to apologize for the mundanity (did I just invent a word? Spell check doesn’t think so.) of these photographs, but I think very ordinary and mundane subjects are my favorites. If you’re a regular reader, I expect that you’re at least tolerant of that?

These were taken with my old Leica Ic and Voigtlander 21mm lens, the (Cosina) Voigtlander was wearing it’s newly acquired Hoya Duto diffusion filter, but I’m having real difficulty discerning any effect from it.

And another alley shot…
Slat Art
Siding Texture
Narrow Siding
Rainbow Glass
Asbestos Shakes
White Frame
Left of Frame
Bright Corner

4 responses to “Nov. 11, 10 Frames of Reno Alleys with Adox CMS”

  1. Very interesting shadows in pix. Ha the white frame pix shadow looks like
    Alfred Hitchcock!


    1. Thanks Fred, I think you’re right!


  2. Your alleys are our frontsides 😉 Nice pictures, you must have had very hard light during the walk.


    1. Thanks Erwin! It was that weird glaring light that we sometimes get on cloudy or partially cloudy days here in Reno. Also shooting CMS at ISO 25 seems to really bring out the contrast.


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