Nov. 1o, A Tree Sampler,

I love taking photographs of trees and I hate taking photographs of trees. To be clear, I’m a great admirer of trees, but sadly, my depictions never seem to do them justice. The very three dimensional and extremely textural qualities of trees almost never translate well to the cropped two dimensional frame of the photograph. Still, I can’t resist taking photos of them even knowing that the resultant shots will likely be disappointing.

So here are a few frames of trees from various rolls of film and cameras, these haven’t been published yet, I guess I was saving them for this tree sampler.

Black Sun Tree, for me this conveys the cold clarity of a Winter’s day in Reno.
Black Elm, this one was shot with my Sawyer’s Mark IV and Tmax 400 and developed in Cinestill monobath.
Another from the same roll as the shot above, this was my favorite from that roll.
Tree Top
VA maples, no doubt what roll of film this shot was from! Shot with my Ica Icarette folding horizontal 6×6.
Broken Elm, the left part of the trunk broke off last night in the high winds that announce the coming storm, it’s actually quite large and could have crushed a car had it fallen the other way. Shot with the Noon 6×12 pinhole camera on Rollei RPX-25 and developed in Artemisianol.

2 responses to “Nov. 1o, A Tree Sampler,”

  1. Interesting set of tree images especially the colour one. There’s a typo in the title.


    1. Thanks Khürt! I’ll look for the typo too.


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