Nov. 8, 2 Versions of a 53 Hour Lumenbox Exposure.

I guess it’s sort of cheating to call it a 53 hour exposure as probably less than 24 hours of that were in daylight. I did two different scans of the 6×6 paper negative. The first scan came out very, very dark so much so that I thought the light in the scanner was out. For all that, I prefer the first scan, I think because it has more of that wooly texture that some of the long Lumenbox exposures wind up with. I really miss that odd texture sometimes.

I’ll probably do some more multi day Lumenbox shots soon, this is The Daily Lumenbox after all. On further contemplating these, what mundane, boring shots these are! The only thing that saves them is the color and texture. Funny I should say that, I’m pretty much the king of boring, mundane shots.

53 Hours, First Scan
53 Hours, Second Scan

2 responses to “Nov. 8, 2 Versions of a 53 Hour Lumenbox Exposure.”

  1. I like the first scan as well, cool colors!!!


    1. Thank you brineb58! The first is my favorite too!


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