Nov. 5, 5 Frames of Upgraded Midtown Reno,

A few years ago midtown Reno was a pretty seedy place, mostly filled with porn shops, strip clubs and dive bars, but the city, in a campaign of urban renewal, put a real effort into attracting more upscale businesses that would attract both tourists and locals.

These days many of the old establishments have been replaced with innovative and artsy eateries, galleries, bars and shops whose owners have rehabilitated the old brick buildings that they occupy.

Midtown is now often a really hopping place, but not so much on a dreary late Friday morning. Reno does get a lot of sunshine but as Winter starts to move in we see more dull cloudy days like today. I dislike the flat glaring quality of the sunlight on those days and find it hard to get a shot to my liking. I think it may have been a good thing that I had loaded the Canon with Kentmere 400, which seems to handle lighting conditions like todays with aplomb. Still, there were only a few shots from this roll that I found usable at all.

These were shot with my Canon IVSb2 and 21mm Voigtlander lens using Kentmere 400. I had a light yellow filter on. This is the first roll of Kentmere that I’ve developed in Artemisianol and it seemed to work well.

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2 responses to “Nov. 5, 5 Frames of Upgraded Midtown Reno,”

  1. Wow came out nice!

    I Like the way kentmere film developed.


    1. Thank you Fred! It’s weird how Artemisianol makes some films super contrasty and seems to bring out the range of tonalities in others. In this case I think it struck a nice balance.


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