Nov. 2, Learning to See with a 50mm Serenar and Adox CMSII

Typically I don’t get on all that well with 50mm lenses, I find their field of view just too narrow and constraining, but yesterday I was thinking about why I took up Photography in the first place. Not so much to take nice, or even interesting photos, although that’s certainly a factor, but more to help me to see things differently. I’ve always thought that photographers had a special and often unusual way of viewing the world and I wanted to discover what that was all about. It’s a journey that I’m still on and have a long way to go on, maybe it’s one of those journeys that never ends?

But back to the topic, which is actually 50mm lenses. I thought that by not learning to make use of the qualities of a 50mm that I was ignoring one important aspect of seeing photographically, so I decided to try and use the 50mm on it’s own terms and treat it as sort of a wide close up lens if that makes any sense?

The 1954 Canon IVSb2 with Canon Serenar 50mm

One wonderful quality that 50mms allow that my wider lenses don’t so much is exploiting depth of field which I tried to do with various degrees of success in these photos. There are a couple photos here that I really like, partially due to their use of depth of field. This was an enjoyable exercise and one that I’ll repeat again sooner than later.

The 50mm f/1.8 Serenar that I shot these with is a wonderful lens IMHO, not modern at all, especially at the f/2 or f/2.8 that these photos were shot with, but it does have that certain something, which I don’t think I can accurately describe, this is one reason I’ll probably never be a lens reviewer.

These were all shot on Adox CMSII at ISO 12 and developed in Adotech IV. I know I’ve sung the praises of CMSII before, but I think it’s an incredible film, especially if you like slower films. I would even venture to say that it’s a film everyone should try at least once.

Fence Planter


Dead Not Dead




Tubs 1

Tubs 2

6 responses to “Nov. 2, Learning to See with a 50mm Serenar and Adox CMSII”

  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ“·πŸ€—


  2. Well done, beautiful photos.


    1. Thank you Leon! It’s that lens and film combo, it’s hard to get a bad shot between them.

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  3. Good shots! I’m going to get some of that film@


    1. Thank you Fred! I’m told that CMS is part of the Adox “system” and does best being developed in Adotech. I’ve also heard that it can be developed in Caffenol but I’ve only ever used Adotech.


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