Oct. 31, Aggghhh! Horrible Brain Eating Zombies from the Discard Folder!

(Or October End of the Month Odds and Ends)

Every month I make a folder for images that didn’t get posted from various rolls and cameras . They may not have gone well with the other images from a given post, or I thought they lacked something in comparison to the images posted. Sometimes they just sucked.

Sometimes, when I go back through those odds and ends folders I find stuff that is perfectly decent or almost perfectly decent, so I’ve decided to start a new end of the month tradition. On the last day of each month, I’ll go through the odds and ends folders and try to find some shots that have some redeeming qualities. They may have more flaws than good qualities but that shouldn’t shock readers of this blog.

So without further ado, here are October’s odds and ends. I hope you don’t find them too… Hideous! Muah ha ha ha!

New Ektachrome 100 shot with my old Ica Icarette 6×6 folder. This was the only shot from the roll that I thought to be at all ok.
Dying Thistles. Another shot from a roll that just didn’t work out. Pretty sure this was shot with my Pentax SV and Super Takumar 35mm.

It seems like most of these shots are from rolls where the bulk of the photos were duds. This is from my Altissa Box D that I’ve since given to a student.

Another Pentax shot, I don’t think I’ve posted this one, but I’m not sure why not?

This is from a recent roll of Kentmere 400 shot with my Leica Ic as are the two below this.

Tiny Chair, Kentmere 400 and Leica Ic

Three, also Kentmere 400 and Leica Ic

This was a Pan Holga shot on Arista 100

6 responses to “Oct. 31, Aggghhh! Horrible Brain Eating Zombies from the Discard Folder!”

  1. I like these misfits! And how interesting that the sun spots are hexagons and not circles!


    1. Thanks so much siunkelan!


  2. Nice! Interesting! The ones with dark backgrounds the leica shots. Are those dark backgrounds because of development or you shoot that way?


    1. Thank you Fred! I shot them that way, development was just my standard time and temp.


  3. These are my favorite kinds of round-ups, they all look great to me!


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