Nov. 1, Pinhole Problems:

I’m not sure what the problem is but every now and then when I shoot one of my pinhole cameras, I get a roll of really thin, severely underexposed images that are barely scannable.

I normally use Pinhole Assist for metering pinhole exposures, I’m starting to wonder if sometimes it doesn’t work correctly? Maybe it doesn’t compensate for reciprocity failure with certain films?

I was shooting my lovely Noon 6×12 loaded with Fomapan 320 (a film that I’ve not had amazing luck with so far) and it happened again today. There was only one shot on the roll that wasn’t very, very thin. Hmmm, that was also quite a long exposure, over 6 minutes. So maybe it’s not reciprocity failure after all.

The Noon comes with a nifty little card that allows you to extrapolate the longer exposures for its f/217 aperture by metering for your film at f/22. I think I’ll give that a try next time I shoot the Noon.

In any case, here’s the one shot that turned out to be somewhat correctly exposed. I think Fomapan 320 is probably not for me, it’s definitely a quirky film, but not the kind of quirky that I’m really looking for, I just tried it on a Lark, but this will probably be the last roll of it that I buy.

VA parking structure, Noon 6×12 with Fomapan 320 Soft

2 responses to “Nov. 1, Pinhole Problems:”

  1. I use pinhole assist and I don’t believe that it accounts for reciprocity failure because it is different for all films … I have mainly used HP5+ and have had decent results so far.


    1. Interesting. I’ve had it work perfectly with some films and not at all with others. I’ll try the chart that comes with the noon or start using Fuji Acros which I like anyway and supposedly has no reciprocity failure.


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