Oct. 24, Ceci n’est pas un Panorama ! or What a Complete Idiot I Almost Always Am.

Apologies to Magritte, if you’re a regular reader of this blog I suppose you’re already well aware of what a dunce I can be, so why do I bring it up again? Allow me to explain. The other day I took delivery of what has to be one of the most beautiful cameras I’ve ever gazed upon. It’s a simple but elegant pinhole camera made of one of my favorite hardwoods, walnut. In this case I assume it’s Polish Walnut as this camera is expertly crafted in Poland by Jacek Urban.

The Noon 612
Another view of the Noon showing the sighting lines on top.

It’s a Noon 612. As you can see it’s a beauty! Its design is as elegant as it looks with too many thoughtful details to go into here, but I do plan to do an actual review once I’ve put several rolls of film through it which should be not too long as it’s immensely fun and satisfying to use.

So where’s the proof of my idiocy? First, I cussed out the maker of the camera for sending me a camera with no pinhole! It was indeed sent with a pinhole, I just couldn’t see it until I shined a flashlight into it, but hey, why not cuss someone out first and then figure things out? I did apologize and it’s no excuse that I was having a horrible day. Idiot? Yes, that’s me. I’m raising my hand.

After I finally figured out that my camera had a pinhole and what a churlish lout I’d been, I also realized the back of the Noon had three (clear, much easier to see through than red) windows to read the film numbers through, they are: 6×6, 6×9 and 6×12. Yay! I thought I won’t have to skip every other frame number when shooting 6x12s. Obviously I hadn’t thought that one out very well. After shooting almost the whole roll, I had a thought; “Hmmm, I don’t recall 120 film being numbered for 6×12 shots.” Sure enough, even though there’s a 6×12 window, a non-idiot user would skip every other frame number so as not to get the overlapping double exposures that you’ll see below. Sigh.

So here they are, shot on my favorite Rollei RPX 25 and developed in Artemisianol.

The Noon is a very impressive camera. I hope to post some photos in the near future that start to do it justice.

This is not a Panorama!
The Back Fence

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