Oct. 23, 7 Frames of RPX-25 with my 1924 Hawkeye Folder

I do love my old Kodak No.2 Folding Cartridge Hawkeye camera, it’s old but clear meniscus lens certainly does have a unique point of view. In my mind Rollei’s RPX 25 is the perfect complement to this camera. I have two main ways of utilizing this combo of film and camera. For really high contrast shots I develop in Cinestill Df96 monobath. For shots with a slightly broader range of tonalities I develop in my own home made Artemisianol.

For this roll, I think Artemisianol might have been a better choice of developer. The really high contrast thing didn’t work all that well for most of these shots and some of them hint at a range of tonalities that would have been better accentuated with Artemisianol.

Yard Boulder

Slaughter House?



Boarded Brick


6 responses to “Oct. 23, 7 Frames of RPX-25 with my 1924 Hawkeye Folder”

  1. Does Beefy’s neon sign still work? If so, that would be a cool shot to get at night.


    1. Thanks P! That’s a great idea. Not sure if it does, but it would be worth checking on.


  2. Cool shots!!!


  3. Good job with the Hawkeye I have set a model c up for sprockets


    1. Thank you John! I’m not familiar with the model c I don’t think.


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