Oct. 16, Long Shadows in Reno:

I know I’m biased so you can take what I’m about to say with several grains of salt (hmmm, on further thought maybe that applies to everything I say) but I think that often there is a really a beautiful quality to the sunlight in Reno. I’ve lived a few places and have always been struck by some ineffable quality of the light in Reno. There’s something about the way it causes some objects to glow as if they’re lit from within and the way certain colors pop more at certain times of day. I’m sure this could be scientifically quantified, but not by me.

I suppose black and white film is not the best way to try and document the strangely beautiful qualities of the light here, but one uses what one gots. I had my trusty old Canon IVSb2 with me on this ride, on it was mounted my equally trusty Voigtlander 21mm. The film was Adox CMS 20 II, which I am becoming increasingly enamored of the more I use it. It seems like this film reads my mind and often turns out just as I had hoped it would, no, that sounds crazy. Never mind.

As the shadows grew longer on the ride home, I began to notice the quality of the light more and more and eventually tried to capture some of that quality, not that I succeeded, but I’ll keep trying.

These were all shot with the combo above and developed in expiring Adotech. I did use a virtual split toner in Lightroom on many of these shots.

Sorry for rambling so much, I’m a little sleep deprived as I write this.

This was actually earlier in the ride when the shadows were less long and dramatic than they would eventually become.
As you can see this was near the western edge of Reno.
Trees with long shadows
A pedestrian ramp near the freeway
And another view of the ramp
A scraggly tree in Downtown Reno
Construction work is done for the day
Evening encroaching on the motor lodge
The strange cargo of a neighbors truck

5 responses to “Oct. 16, Long Shadows in Reno:”

  1. Love the echoes of circles in the cargo truck shot!


    1. Thank you siunkelan! Those circles are a bit mysterious to me. I have had film damage from the developing tank that looked a bit similar.


      1. Sometimes our flaws turn into swans!


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