Oct. 13, Some High Contrast Pinhole Shots with my RSS 6×6 and XP2

I tend to take great delight in high contrast photographs, even more so whether by intent or through serendipity they’re generated by my own camera.

The Ilford XP-2 shots that I’ve seen tend to have very pronounced contrast, a big plus in my book, and I’ve read of people having success developing it in Caffenol even though it’s intended to be a C-41 process film. Since I’ve had good luck using Artemisianol on a variety of films, I thought I’d give it a try on XP-2 in my Reality So Subtle 6×6 pinhole.

For some reason, I was just sure it wouldn’t work (I was having a day like that), but the images came out well, and with more contrast than I’d even hoped for. I think XP-2 developed in Artemisianol will be a regular for me when I’m looking for something faster than my usual slow and slower films.

I actually brought the contrast down a tad in Lightroom with this group of shots.


5 responses to “Oct. 13, Some High Contrast Pinhole Shots with my RSS 6×6 and XP2”

  1. Interesting shots!! Was the camera a pin hole?


    1. Thank you Fred! Yes, a pinhole.


  2. You got rid of the scanning artifacts/striations you were getting from your flatbed! Did you figure out how to fix it, or did you scan these with a different setup?


    1. I don’t think I got rid of them. I think they only show up on lower density negatives. These were really dense.


      1. Interesting…


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