Oct. 11, An Unintentional Panoramic Selfie;

Well I never claimed not to be a complete idiot. I conveniently forgot that I had loaded the Pan-Holga 360 earlier and then decided I wanted to shoot a short video in the living room of it in action. There is no actual shutter on the Holga though and only the aperture slit controls the admittance of light, so whenever the camera is in motion it’s exposing film.

The slit aperture and speed of the Holga’s rotation control the exposure.

The Pan-Holga was loaded with Fuji Acros II (ISO 100) film, I’m surprised that the exposure had enough light at all, inside in the morning. Oh well, let this be a record of my infallible intellect.

Accidental selfie, impressive eh?

6 responses to “Oct. 11, An Unintentional Panoramic Selfie;”

  1. Haha! That selfie just cost you $13. 😉


    1. More like $10, but I got three other shorter panoramas out of the roll too.


      1. Where are you getting ACROS II for $10 a roll? Are you buying five-packs from Adorama? That’s the only way I know to get it at that price. If you know somewhere else, please let me know. Most places it’s now $12-13 a roll, which is ridiculous. Honestly, even $10 a roll is ridiculous.


      2. Pretty sure it was B&H, I could be way wrong though, I’ll double check tomorrow.


      3. No, I guess it wasn’t B&H, must have been Freestyle.


      4. Haha, okay. Thanks.


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