Oct. 10, Dead Sunflowers

I’ve been noticing how the sunflowers just outside the music room window and in the front yard are pretty darn sturdy and continue to stand and resist the vagaries of the wind and weather long after they’re dead.

I’ve also noticed how the light plays on the them at different times of day and wanted to try and capture a little bit of what I saw.

To my mind these are the best shots from the roll, not that the others suck, but they’re a different beast I think and I’ll post them on another day.

These were all shot with my old Pentax SV and 35mm Super Takumar lens with a cheap No. 2 close up lens on the Takumar. This roll was developed in Artemisianol for 16 minutes at 86°F. Seems like I can easily develop four rolls to each batch of Artemisianol, but processing the fifth batch can be dicey.

Dead Sunflowers 1
Dead Sunflowers 2
Dead Sunflowers 3

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