Oct. 8, ¡Plustek!

No, this isn’t an ad for Plustek and I’m not shilling for them or sponsored by Plustek. I just wanted to give them a shout out for their stellar customer service which I’m not at all accustomed to. Typically in my experience when a piece of technology breaks, it’s broken. Good luck getting warranty service or anything helpful out of any company of any size. Sorry, but that’s been the bulk of my experience as a consumer of technology.

About 11 months ago I purchased a lower end scanner from Plustek, it’s an 8100 with almost no features other than the multiple exposure scanning. It’s pretty slow and medium resolution, but I actually like the slowness in that it forces me to slow down and contemplate the images I’m working on a little more. The medium res is fine for me too. Most of my stuff only goes out to the internet and when I do print, it’s usually small. If I want higher res, quicker results I have a nice camera scanning set up, but I don’t enjoy using it much.

While I’m at it, everyone (on the interwebs at least) seems to hate Silverfast because it’s so obtuse. I must be obtuse as well because I love Silverfast, I find it easy to use, intuitive and powerful.

Anyhow, I didn’t realize it, but almost immediately after I filed an incident claim (or whatever it’s called) with Plustek someone had gotten back to me. We exchanged a few messages (they got back to me within minutes each time) and I ran a few tests and updated the drivers, soon enough they deduced what I already knew that the scanner was really broken. They sent me an RMA number and the scanner is back seemingly good as new in just over a week total.

In retrospect, all I have left to say is, go Plustek! If this is being a shill, I’m all in.

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