Sept. 29, 6 More Frames of Adox

CMS 20 II developed in Adotech at ISO 12. These are from the same roll as my recent walk across Midtown Reno, but at the time it didn’t seem like these really fit in with the rest of the shots. I don’t think they’re awful or anything, maybe just less cohesive than the rest of the roll.

This may be redundant, but I’ll say it again anyhow, I’m more than a little enamored of CMS 20 II it’s really a spectacular film in my book. I really hope it stays available for a while at least.

Sunflowers 2
No Parking
Pink Flags
Alley Texture

2 responses to “Sept. 29, 6 More Frames of Adox”

  1. Nice! What camera and lens did you use!


    1. Thanks Fred! It was the same lens as the other post. My silver canon 28mm f/2.8


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