Sept. 23, A Walk Across MidTown Reno with Adox CMS 20 II

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photographs with Adox CMS, to be honest I’d forgotten what a beautiful film stock it is. The crispness and clarity of negatives shot with CMS easily rival those of my favorite film, Washi S.

I don’t think I’ve shot CMS at ISO 12 before, and considering the weather, this probably wasn’t the wisest of choices, but I’m quite experienced at making not the wisest of choices. It had been raining/drizzling all day and when the sun broke through the clouds I wanted to seize the moment and get out and shoot a roll of film.

Since it was still a mostly cloudy day and I had decided to shoot at the slowest recommended speed for CMS, I thought this might be a good opportunity to use one of my more neglected lenses, my old Canon 28mm f/2.8 silver LTM lens, which also happens to my fastest wide angle lens. The Canon is a nice lens but certainly not my sharpest lens, it seemed to be a bit at cross purposes to use a super sharp film with a decently, but not super sharp lens. Oh well.

My Canon IVSb2 with 28mm lens and viewfinder

Mid town Reno is interesting in that north of mid town is the down town casino area where most of the famous old casinos were, places like Harrahs, The Cal Neva and The Nevada Club but if you cross mid town going east to west as I was that day, you cross a few different socio-economic zones.

The houses in my neighborhood are old and generally modest as you head west you cross the commercial mid town area of Viriginia Street once the main thoroughfare in Reno and where Down town Reno is. As proceed further west the houses become increasingly larger and more upscale.

Often though I find the alleys and more dilapidated out buildings and nooks and crannies to be more visually interesting than fancy houses and businesses. The mundane and decrepit seem to hold the most interest for me.

This roll was shot with my trusty old Canon IVSb2 and developed in Adotech. I’ve read of people having good luck developing CMS in Caffenol, so at some point I do plan to try developing it in Artemisianol.

Soon I hope to get a few more rolls of Adox so that I don’t forget what a truly stunning film this is, at least to my eyes.


Yellow Brick
Fauxdobe with Gravel
A kind of thistle?
Midtown Commons
732 760
Double Shed


Barnes Radio Service

Diner on California Street
Tall Grass, you can see the southern extent of the small Down Town banking district in this shot.
Stay Strong, I’m pretty sure that this building used to be the Musicians Union.

8 responses to “Sept. 23, A Walk Across MidTown Reno with Adox CMS 20 II”

  1. I find your content and perspective very interesting. I don’t know much about film, but I am enjoying learning with your daily descriptions. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you siunkelan! And you’re most welcome. I appreciate the encouragement. If you’re learning from my posts, that’s what I’d hoped this blog would do for some!

      I don’t believe I know much about film either but I’m determined to keep learning and experimenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice and looking bright and sharp these results as you say with a sharp film. Interesting to know, as Adox CMS is in fact quite cheap here. Will put it on the list for try outs as well. Thanks!


    1. Thank you Erwin! I have shot CMS a couple times before (and with sharper lenses) but this is the first time I’ve gotten results this nice.
      I think it was shooting it at ISO 12 that made the difference.
      Very cool that it’s cheap where you are! I wouldn’t say any films are really inexpensive here, but CMS is a lot more reasonable than a lot of films that I don’t think are in it’s league. I just wish it was available in 120 here.


      1. They do offer it here in France but is not in stock at the moment ADOX 120 CMS 20 II 12 ASA
        ADOX CMS 20 II
        Format : 120
        ISO 12
        US$7 for a roll


        1. Interesting. I hope it doesn’t remain unavailable. And that is a good price for such a nice film.


  3. 👏👏👏📷


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