Sept. 17, Four Exposure Tests Through the Smoke with My Hawkeye Folder and Fomapan 100

I’ve gotten consistently decent exposures with my Kodak Hawkeye 6×9 folder and Rollei RPX 25, but I had a few rolls of Fomapan (Arista) 100 so I thought I’d try it out in the Hawkeye. Because the Hawkeye only has one shutter speed of about 1/25, these were shot at between f/32 and f/64. These did come out a tad thin, maybe I should have used a meter as it has been quite smokey lately, reducing the visible sunlight noticeably.

So these are just a couple shots of my ride to work at the community college and of course, my neighbors house.

I did tweak a couple of these shots, boosting the contrast and decreasing the clarity, hopefully it will be obvious which shots those are. These were developed in almost expended Cinestill Df96 monobath. I just mixed up a fresh batch of Cinestill and I’ll mix up a new batch Artemesianol probably tomorrow, so that expended developer will no longer be a valid excuse for crappy photos.

The 1924 Kodak Hawkeye
Looking across El Rancho Road on the way to school
Miracle Sagebrush

Sunflowers at 532


Shaun’s 2

4 responses to “Sept. 17, Four Exposure Tests Through the Smoke with My Hawkeye Folder and Fomapan 100”

  1. Nice old fashion pictures


  2. 👏👏👏📷


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