Sept. 16, A Single; Edifice

The Nevada Museum of Art is a building that you either love or hate. I like it a lot, but I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s built to resemble a rock formation in the nearby Black Rock Desert.

Most of the shots I’ve seen of the NMA have been of it’s western side. This shot is of the east side of the building. This was taken with my Chroma Six:9 and Mamiya 50mm lens on Fomapan 100 and developed in Artemisianol.


4 responses to “Sept. 16, A Single; Edifice”

  1. For something this techno, a more pinsharp solution might have been more fitting ?


    1. Yes, that makes sense, but that’s about as sharp as I can get currently with my Chroma and Fomapan handheld. I think my Voigtlander lenses with some Film Washi S would probably have been better for this shot.


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