Sept. 10, The Southern Extent of My Neighborhood

Generally in a radius of a few miles of our house (which is of course, the center of the universe) the houses are in quite good repair and are kept up well, however due south of my house the neighborhood deteriorates increasingly as one progresses southward until the commercial area of shopping malls and businesses begins.

That’s where todays walk took me. I brought my somewhat under used Sawyer’s Mark IV 127 twin reflex camera. It was loaded with Rerapan 400, which I haven’t had that great of luck with in the past, but it’s one of the few 127 films available that’s not exorbitantly priced (by todays prices anyway). I do have the capability of cutting down 120 film and rolling it onto `127 spools using my FCK 127 kit, but that’s a really fiddly, seemingly precarious process and I thought I might just as well avoid doing that for a while.

The Sawyer’s Mark IV, it’s smaller than it appears to be here.

Maybe the Rerapan just responds better to the Artemisianol I used on it today than the Cinestill monobath of past rolls?

Turquoise & Pink


Split Level







Texture Single

4 responses to “Sept. 10, The Southern Extent of My Neighborhood”

  1. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ“·


  2. Beautiful camera, never seen one before, nor the film you used. Looks in the sky as if it is a print from an old fax machine. Very much like the series you made here.


    1. Thanks Erwin! The Sawyers’ is a beautiful little camera, it was made by Topcon which made some really nice cameras and lenses, they sold the same camera but branded as a Topcon Primo. This one was rebuilt by Mark Hama.
      The Rerapan was just the only 127 film I could find that wasn’t crazy expensive.

      The artifacts in the lighter areas of the photos are from my scanning process I think. I’m using a flatbed scanner that wasn’t meant to scan transparencies. I could do camera scanning and get higher resolution artifact free photos, but I don’t enjoy that process much,


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