Sept. 8, A Couple More Exposure Tests with the Ica Icarette Horizontal 6×6

And yes, these are the 10 millionth shots of my neighbor Shaun’s house. Gimme a break though, these are just exposure tests and his house is so incredibly photogenic.

As the title indicates, these were shot with my circa 1920 Ica Icarette folder. I’ve been doing these various exposure tests with Arista (Foma) 100 because I’m pretty confident now that the 1/100th speed on the Ica is still pretty accurate and the Foma is about the least expensive film I can find. At first I was a bit nonplussed by the Foma, but it’s growing on me. There’s something about these shots that I actually like.

For the single shots I did tweak a few settings in Lightroom, most notably the contrast (I brought it up) and the clarity (I pulled it down).

For the multi shot panel, it’s just scanned and inverted. This is at least the second exposure test I’ve done with the Ica and I seem to be consistently preferring the f/16 shots. Or I should say the shots that are halfway between f/18 and f/12.5. The Ica has old style f stops that are not fixed, but completely variable. Oops! That may be incorrect. Looking at the test strip I think used the f/12.5 shot of Shaun’s house, it was in partial shade.

This roll was also developed in Artemisianol for 15 minutes at 86° F. This is the second roll I’ve developed from this batch of Artemisianol, I’ll start increasing development times in subsequent rolls from this batch.

Obligatory Shot of the Ica Icarette
NE View of Shaun’s House

Shaun’s Gate

Kids Chairs

Exposure test strip. All shot at 1/100th on a sunny day. f/stops are from left to right: 9, 12.5, 16 and 18

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