Sept. 6 Some Unintentional Multiple Exposures

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. When shooting my Chroma Six:9 camera in 6×9 format the film needs to be wound past every even frame, so you’re shooting on 1,3,5 etc. Of course I forgot that again, when I was shooting this roll, I even thought to myself “hmmm, I’m getting a lot more shots to this roll than usual” Doh! I do enjoy the 6×9 format and the wide angle of this camera, I suppose I just need to shoot it more often, maybe eventually muscle memory will help me to wind the film correctly?

I left these as groupings of overlapping photos (pseudo panoramas if you will) because I imagined they have a sort of stuttering flow to them in this format.

These were shot on Arista (Foma) 100 with my Chroma Six:9 and Mamiya Sekor 50mm Universal Press lens and developed in Artemisianol for 15 minutes at 86° F.

Midtown pseudo panorama

Wells avenue pseudo panorama

Pseudo panorama 3

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