Sept.4, A Short Tour of My Neighborhood

It used to be called Burke’s addition, and at one point it was considered the edge of town and was surrounded by farms. Now it’s considered midtown and is just a couple miles from downtown where the casinos are. It’s also designated a historic neighborhood but I don’t really know what that means other than that they fix the sidewalks every millennia and plant trees just as often.

From that roll of Washi S that had so many shots of the VA and my neighbor’s house. Developed in Artemisianol.

The VA owns quite a few properties in a radius around the main VA campus, some are in pretty rough shape. I think this one may actually be condemned.
I don’t remember now what it is that’s growing so profusely in this yard, but there’s plenty of it.

There is some great old brick work in my neighborhood.

A more recent brick house, some of the houses around here are from the 30s, I think this one was built in the 60s.

A very austere yard with a cool old truck in the driveway.

There are a number of somewhat to very austere yards on this block. Usually houses with asbestos siding date from the 30s around here.

2 responses to “Sept.4, A Short Tour of My Neighborhood”

  1. I spent the first nine years of my life in a house much like the last two pictured. Ours was built in 1951, part of the postwar need for houses pronto. It was about as thinly built as was possible at the time.


    1. Interesting! The houses in our neighborhood vary in build quality as almost all were built by independent builders or as in the case of our house, the owner. Burke’s addition was an Italian neighborhood back in the 30s and some of the residents were highly skilled brick masons, so about a third of the neighborhood is brick. Our little 1950 bungalow is redwood, but many on our side of the street are stucco. I love the stucco faux adobe houses that dot our neighborhood, but they can have real durability issues.


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