Sept. 2 My Other Most Frequent Subject:

My neighbor Shaun’s house. I think because I’m so easily amused, I can photograph the same subjects seemingly endlessly. I suppose that’s not something that I need to bring to the attention of my regular readers.

So just in case you haven’t seen enough photos of my neighbor’s really cool 1930 faux adobe stucco house (I call it fauxdobe), here are a few more. I’m actually quite liking some of these.

These are from the same roll of Washi S as yesterdays post.

Window AC

Basement Steps

Shadows 2



2 responses to “Sept. 2 My Other Most Frequent Subject:”

  1. I understand, I have been photographing the light on my detached garage since I moved into my house in 1994!!! It may seem like the same picture over and over, but it really isn’t!!!


    1. That’s really part of what I love about photography. Nothing is exactly the same ever (at least in nature), the light changes through the seasons and over the years as well as minute to minute. I still think that’s amazing.


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