Sept. 1 An Open Question For My Readers and a Confession.

I think because I’m a teacher I began this blog with a fairly pure motive of educating those who were interested in lumen photos and the Lumenbox in particular, it gives me a forum only moderated by myself that allows me to present Lumenbox and other photos to an admittedly very small audience.

My other, more ulterior motive that drove me to start this blog was the hope that if I had a large enough readership, I might be able to promote and sell a few prints here, or more likely through etsy. Not to reap any great profits, but just to cover the monthly cost of this blog.

Recently a major blog, 35mmc published an article of mine about a series of Lumenbox photos. To my surprise, the article has been very well received. This has caused me to wonder if I might be able to sell some of my Lumenbox prints? My original intent was to sell only actual darkroom photographic prints, Lumenbox prints aren’t very amenable to that, they’re better done as giclee (inkjet) prints. There lies the rub. My current printer, while it prints very nicely does not use archival inks. I would be loath to sell prints that faded shortly if exposed to sunlight.

So, I would need to buy a rather pricy high end printer in order to print giclee prints that I would be willing to sell.

My question is this, would anyone be interested in purchasing high quality inkjet prints of some of my Lumenbox and other photographs? These would be signed open, bare (unframed) editions either 8″x8″ or 12″x12″ in size on really nice fine art paper. My thought is that prints would be priced at $35.00 and $45.00 respectively.

My goal would be to sell one print a month.

I fucking hate surveys of any kind, so rather than a survey, I’m asking that if you might someday consider buying one of my prints, would you please either like or comment on this post? Liking or commenting on this post does not commit you in any way. I’m just gauging your interest.

I don’t really expect much of a response to this, but thanks for reading!

11 responses to “Sept. 1 An Open Question For My Readers and a Confession.”

  1. I was actually wondering if you do sell prints now and again. I like the feeling I get when viewing your work. It’s a little dystopian, but also loaded with possibilities.


    1. Thanks siunkelan I appreciate the support! It looks like there’s not enough interest at this time for me to try selling prints. Maybe someday though. I did decide that this blog was a one year experiment. If it can’t sustain itself, I’ll eventually end it.


  2. I love to support film photographers. One challenge I have with buying prints is where to put them – I have more art than I can hang on my walls as it is. I buy photo books much more readily. I think a book of your Lumenbox work would be very interesting.

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  3. I think those prices are very fair and your work is very interesting and beautiful. I agree with the above comment that a book or even a calendar or other form of print would be nice. I bought a bundle of prints, 5x7ish, by Jason Lee, the actor/photographer that were well done.


    1. Thank you James! I think that a book is a great idea, I’m just not sure I’m ready or competent to tackle one.


  4. It’s easier than you think as far as the publishing goes (e.g. Blurb, Lulu, etc.), it’s the selection, editing and sequencing that’s hard. I make a calendar every year for family and friends and do a layout and have my wife help. She has a good eye and design sense. Okay, not quite a book, but…I just recently discovered your blog and admire your work. I’ve shared your blog with several photographer friends and they thought your work was pretty great.


    1. Thanks James! I’ll look into it a little further, I appreciate the encouragement and It cheers me that you enjoy the blog! Thanks so much for sharing it with others!


  5. Sorry, one more comment. Instead of forking out for a printer, do you have a good printer in your area? I make a few prints from time to time and the sizes you’re considering shouldn’t be too costly and still give you some profit. Our local guy works with photographers and artists and is a photographer himself. Maybe there’s someone like that near you.


    1. No worries, your comments are very helpful and appreciated! To be honest I don’t know, but Reno is not that small, I suspect there is. That’s something I’ll check into as well.

      I’m about to start making some small darkroom black and white prints. Since I don’t have any place to put them, I’ll probably wind up trying to sell them and see what happens.

      Thanks again!


  6. I don’t know if if this is possible or viable, could you offer a file transfer a jpeg to a customer?
    That way your additional printer cost would be eliminated and you would not need to source a local printer.
    I suppose you would need to offer it on a one print basis and you would retain the rights to the image, also have faith in your customers.


    1. Thanks Rob! That’s a good suggestion. I think though that I’ve decided to bite the bullet and acquire a hi-res printer that uses archival inks.
      If my prints don’t sell, hopefully I can sell the printer for at least half of what it cost me and then not be out a fortune.
      That seems to be the current plan. I need to mull it over for a little bit before committing to it though.


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