August 29, Some More No. 2 Hawkeye Folder and RPX 25 Shots

I really do love this combo. These images may not have the most resolution ever, but the super high contrast images I get from this camera with RPX 25 just seems right to me. It doesn’t hurt that RPX seems to really like being developed in Artemisianol. This is the second roll of film I’ve developed in this batch of developer and if anything, they were a little overdeveloped. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to develop several rolls with each batch of Artemisianol.

1924 Kodak No.2 Folding Cartridge Hawkeye
The side of my neighbor Rick’s house once again

Porthole Doors

VA Steps

VA Ramp, on this shot I had the aperture set at f/16 rather than f/8 as in most of the above shots. I believe that’s why this image has a more normal contrast range than the somewhat overexposed images shot at f/8

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