August 28, Some Revisions, Who’s a Purist?

This is not something I usually do. I don’t consider myself a purist in pretty much anything, but I’m a little averse to extensively digitally editing my images. For black and white photographs a little wiggling of the texture, clarity and dehaze sliders in Lightroom is normally about it. I do like some of the toner presets and use those from time to time.

I thought I would try and do something different today and really push the contrast on yesterday’s roll of Fomapan 320. For these revisions I wound up really cranking the clarity and dehaze sliders in the opposite way that i normally do. I strongly prefer these to the originals. To my eye, they’re more interesting than the original versions. I usually prefer photographs with a sense of mystery rather than a strict adherence to the appearance of the subject. Do black and white photos ever posses that anyway?

I’m sure I’ll still prefer to get the results I’m looking for primarily with camera, film and developer, but this was fun and I’ll probably try it again when I’m not getting results via my conventional route.

Shaun’s f/16 rework

South Entrance


Triptych Rework

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