August 23, Some Photos of Overpasses

From the same roll of yesterdays shots of buildings. Shot on Film Washi S with my 15mm Voigtlander (Cosina) Super Wide Heliar on the Canon IVSb2 rangefinder. Developed in Artemisianol (sagebrush).

I suppose these aren’t very exciting at all, but I’m a bit fascinated by the way they cast shadows and how light plays on them, as well as the way they interact visually with the environment around them.

McCarren Blvd Overpass
Mayberry/I-80 Overpass
And another overpass
The I-80/Mayberry Drive Overpass again
Guard Rail

2 responses to “August 23, Some Photos of Overpasses”

  1. The use of light and shadows is always of special interest to me. …Cailín


    1. Thank you Cailín, me too. It’s one of the main reasons I even take photographs.

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