August 21, Back to an Old Favorite

I must have an extremely short memory, because after I shoot a few rolls of other films I forget how much I love, love, love Film Washi S sound recording film. Shooting Washi S always feels like coming home to me. I hope it doesn’t go away for good!

Yesterday was the first time I’ve developed it in Artemisianol, and to be honest, I was little bit worried. I’d hate to waste a roll of precious Washi S, but also, Artemisianol is rapidly becoming my favorite developer. What if they weren’t very compatible? Luckily the sagebrush developer has worked at least decently on every film I’ve tried it on so far, and to my my mind, worked exceptionally well on this roll of Washi S. Plenty of clarity and contrast, yet enough tonality for me at least.

A little pedantic aside: to my mind Washi S gets a nice glow to the highlights which is usually a trait of films with a minimal or no halation layer. Washi S does have a halation layer, but in this case it’s between the film base and the emulsion, as I understand it this helps give the film its extra sharpness.

I decided to divide the results from this roll into sections. I think the shots of buildings came out best, so I’ll post those today, to follow on subsequent days will be shots of overpasses and some nature shots.

These were shot on Film Washi S with my Canon IVSb2 rangefinder and Voigtlander (Cosina) 15mm lens, developed in Artemisianol for 15 minutes at 86° F.

This frame was cut off by the camera
117 and 116
Bricks in Relief
Corrugate, light and dark
Two Arches

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