August 20, An Odd Lumenbox Shot with a Cheat

It’s been cloudy around here lately often turning to rain or at least drizzle at times. Those weather conditions are not ideal for my cardboard Lumenbox, which led me to the idea of a really long indoor exposure. For this 24 hour exposure, it seemed to make sense to set it up in the least trafficked room in the house, the tiny half bath just off the back patio. A looking out the window shot would allow the most light to hit the Lumenbox.

Unfortunately, with the clouds and the changing angle of the sun’s trajectory, that little window is getting very little light these days. I thought I might help the photographic process a little by shining my incredibly bright flashlight through the window for a few seconds. What appears to be the sun in the photo below is actually my flashlight.

I don’t think there’s much to this photograph really, but I may try more long exposure/flashlight experiments if the weather stays like this much longer, or possibly even if it doesn’t. I don’t love the clouds but we really need the water.

1/2 Bath

2 responses to “August 20, An Odd Lumenbox Shot with a Cheat”

  1. Hi Sonny

    Try wetting the paper with some ascorbic acid in the water. I have tried 1:6, 5ml in 30ml water and let the paper stay in half a minute. Have the Lumenbox and at EV 8 it takes ca 15min to get a picture. In direct sun the paper gets dark in seconds when wetted.

    Best regards Roger


    1. Thank you Roger! That’s very interesting. I’ll try that soon. I appreciate the suggestion!


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