August 17, Murdoch on the Good Artist:

“Well, artists are often revolutionary in some sense or other. But the good artist has, I think, a sense of reality and might be said to understand ‘how things are’ and why they are. Of course the term ‘reality’ is notoriously ambiguous in philosophy and I have used it to suggest both that the serious artist looks at the world and that he sees more of the world. The great artist sees the marvels which selfish anxiety conceals from the rest of us. But what the artist sees is not something separate and special, some metaphysically cut off never-never land. The artist engages a very large area of his personality in his work, and he works in and normally accepts the world of common sense. Art is naturally communication (only a perverse ingenuity can attempt to deny this obvious truth) and this involves the joining of the farthest out reality to what is nearer, as must be done by any truthful explorer.”

-Iris Murdoch, Existentialists and Mystics

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