August 15, A Few More Frames of Rollei RPX 25 with My Hawkeye No. 2 Folder

The last time I shot RPX 25 with the 1924 Kodak Hawkeye and developed it in Cinestill monobath I was pleasantly surprised by the extreme contrast of the shots. This time, there is plenty of contrast, but not quite as extreme as I recall it being before. I’m not sure what to attribute that to? I know this batch of Cinestill is getting a little tired, probably time for a new batch. Maybe for the next roll of RPX, I’ll use the first recipe for Artemisianol that I made, which really seems to exaggerate the contrast of some films.

I also got that weird band of bubbles again when developing this roll, I thought it was from not having the tank full enough, but now I’m thinking it might be either the way I’m winding the film onto the spool or too vigorous of agitation. It’s not really bothering me, but it would be nice to figure out what’s going on.

Warehouse on 4th Street

Blank Motel

Coney Island Bar
Three Windows
Cinder Blocks
Tahoe Motel

2 responses to “August 15, A Few More Frames of Rollei RPX 25 with My Hawkeye No. 2 Folder”

  1. I also had the weird bubbles on a roll or two, can’t figger out why!!! Someone said it could be residual photoflo in the tank, but I do clean my tanks after use with hot water.


  2. Yes weird! I’ve herd the photo-flow theory before, but I don’t use it in my tank.
    Maybe someday we’ll figure this out?


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