August 13, Another Single Lumenbox Exposure, I May Have to Slow Down

my photography a bit. I haven’t taught in over a year but I’m teaching a couple classes starting in a couple weeks, so gearing up for them is consuming more and more of my time. I know it’s just two classes, but I like to be really prepared and do as good a job as I can. It’s possible that my postings here will be reduced a bit as I divert more and more time and energy into teaching and associated tasks, e.g. I’m getting ready for a faculty exhibition and had to turn down an opportunity for another exhibition. I really don’t want to spread myself too thin and do everything poorly.

Anyway, this is a five hour Lumenbox exposure on the usual Arista paper. I don’t hate it, but I guess the crazy, hair on fire, burning colors of the 12 hour exposures have really grown on me, although I guess this does have a little of that.

AC Unit

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