August 9, Schopenhauer vs. Plato

“Yes, certainly. Schopenhauer disagreed with Plato, in fact he turned Plato’s view upside down. Plato saw art as giving intellectual pleasure to the selfish and stupid part of the soul. Whereas the nobler part of the soul sought for knowledge of reality through what Plato called Ideas, which were universal rational conceptions or sources of enlightenment, and to be contrasted with unintelligible particular things. So according to Plato art was meanly particular and knowledge was rationally general. Schopenhauer on the other hand says that art actually seeks and can convey the Ideas, which he pictures as intelligible forms which are partly realised in nature, and which the imagination of the artist tries to elicit. Schopenhauer says that art removes the veil or mist of subjectivity and arrests the flux of life and makes us see the real world and this shock is the experience of beauty.”

-Iris Murdoch

Existentialists and Mystics

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