August 10, Trying to get my Altissa Box D Dialed In

My Altissa D is a very cool little box camera, but it does have the limitation of having only one speed (ostensibly 1/25) plus bulb. I thought that a film with an ISO of 50 might work pretty well, especially on cloudy days, as there are both f/8 and f/16 apertures.

The Altissa Box D

I should have tried a film speed of 25 as these photos illustrate. They range from over exposed to very overexposed. Some of these were even shot in shade on a cloudy day and came out quite over exposed. I suspect the shutter is a tad slow. I hope to have better luck with slower film, although the first roll I shot with this camera was Potsdam Kino 100 and it didn’t come out nearly as overexposed as this Copex Rapid shot at ISO 50. No doubt the exposure latitude of the film is also a factor here, using a high contrast copy film and expecting much exposure latitude is probably too much expecting.

To be clear, I’m not really complaining. I really enjoy this overexposed/overdeveloped look, but I’m trying to get a handle on how this camera acts under normal, every day conditions.

This roll was developed in Artemisianol (sagebrush) for 15 minutes at 86° F with intermittent agitation.

Freeway Underpass
Underpass Miracle
California Building Again
Truckee River 1
Truckee River 2
Red Boat

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