August 7, Is Tangentially Relative OK? “We Are All Literary Artists”

This being a photography blog, I try to keep all the content pretty directly related to photography in some way. I have to warn you that I’m going to depart from that a bit and site some work that’s only tangentially relative to photography. I hope that doesn’t put anyone off.

I’m starting to read Iris Murdoch’s Existentialists and Mystics, and even though I’ve just gotten past the interminable forward and preface, I can’t resist a quote. I suspect I won’t be able to resist quoting Murdoch from time to time, at least until I’ve finished the book.

You are forewarned.

“So in a way as word-users we all exist in a literary atmosphere, we live and breathe literature, we are all literary artists, we are constantly employing language to make interesting forms out of experience which perhaps originally seemed dull or incoherent. How far reshaping involves offenses against truth is a problem any artist must face. A deep motive for making literature or art of any sort is to defeat the formlessness of the world and cheer oneself up by constructing forms out of what might otherwise seem a mass of senseless rubble.”

-Iris Murdoch

My cat Manray, defeating formlessness?

4 responses to “August 7, Is Tangentially Relative OK? “We Are All Literary Artists””

  1. Please feel free to quote or write anything you wish! After all, it’s your space! …Cailín


  2. Thank you Cailín! I’m sure that’s what I’ll wind up doing (after too much introspection and self doubt), but I do want to make this blog welcoming to those who are looking for photographs and photography talk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Khürt! He’s quite an amazing cat.


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