August 7, Fogged and Leaked

I have a little Sawyer’s mark IV twin lens reflex camera that I like a lot, unfortunately it uses 127 film which is hard to get and even more exorbitant than other formats, so when I stumbled upon the Fck 127 kit (you gotta love the name), I was pretty thrilled. It’s a self contained little kit that allows you to cut down 120 roll film and wind it onto 127 spools. Neato! The kit is very well thought out and nicely done, but boy is it fiddly. I had a feeling it would take me several (or very many) tries to get the hang of it and I wasn’t wrong.

The Sawyer’s Mark IV, it’s pretty cute I think!

To be honest, I wasn’t very careful when cutting and winding this roll of Holga 400 (it’s really Fomapan 400 AFAIK) and the instructions say that the whole process should be done in absolute darkness, which let me tell you now, is scientifically impossible. My thought was that if the process works at all, that in the future I would do the most light vunerable parts in my light tent, after I get the hang of it.

With the above info in mind, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that some portions of the film were quite fogged, others were not but had substantial light leaks. The negatives came out quite thin, but scanned sort of alright.

Really, this was just and experiment so I didn’t have very high hopes for these (good thing!). I have one more roll that I cut down and re-rolled, some Ilford Pan F+. I’ll give that a shot and then I’ll buy some manufactured 127 to give myself a break from the (with my current skill level) fairly agonizing process of cutting down and re-rolling film that was never meant for this camera. I suspect eventually I’ll become competent at home rolled 127, but it may be a while.

This roll was developed in Cinestill monobath.

Wire Heart
Atop the Credenza
Eames from the back, this was one of the least fogged of the roll.
Fan Fog
Blue House

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