August 2, 6 Frames of Eastman Kodak 2374 Developed in Artemisianol

My first explorations with Artemisianol led me to think that maybe this was only a very high contrast developer, but I think that impression was caused by something of a comedy of errors including using very high contrast films, overexposure and overdevelopment.

This roll, while shot on a high contrast film shows more of a range from very high contrast to (at least in my mind) more medium contrast depending on the shot. I’m starting to get the impression that this developer could turn out to be pretty versatile, but I have to test it with more films than I have so far to be certain of that.

These were all shot with the 21mm Voigtlander on my Canon IVSb2.

Underpass on 4th Street
Halfway Club
Another underpass on 4th st.
Cement Plant Reflection
Park Stone House Again

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