July 29, Really Just a Bunch of Left Over Shots or Who Curated this Post?

Whenever I start to cull shots for posting I almost always begin with too much optimism “these shots are all great!”. Upon further inspection it usually proves out that none of the given shots qualify as “great”, and only a few would even qualify as interesting. I use “interesting” on my own terms here, when posting shots I can’t really attempt to discern what might be “interesting” to anyone but myself.

I do believe it’s my responsibility as a blogger, there I did it. I called myself a “blogger”, what next? Content creator? Influencer? Regardless, as someone who posts images that other someones might ostensibly view, I do feel a need to curate the images within a given post. Unfortunately I’m not sure by what standards I do my curating, it goes somewhat beyond interesting vs. not interesting, but I think the standards change with context. I’ll just leave it at that for the moment.

Typically shots will go through several rounds of culling. The first being to scan or not to scan? If I scan most of the shots in a roll, then I’m on a roll. The second cull comes during scanning, at that point I realize that some shots just suck and there’s no point in going further and saving them. The third culling point is bringing them into Lightroom and doing final adjustments to them. I might manipulate the curves or overall exposure, or bring down the highlights, I occasionally even crop a shot. Sometimes I don’t do anything at all to the shot in Lightroom but look at it.

The last cull (usually) is just before posting, I look at all the candidate shots all together and make an A and a B list. The A list gets posted and the B list shots either get discarded or saved for later. I think that’s part of what I love about film, I have so many occasions where I really do need to look closely at the shots, it gives me a different sense of investment in them.

Whew! I’m sure that’s more than you ever wanted to know about my process. The shots below didn’t make the final cut from various posts. Not to be too harsh a judge on my work though, I’m going to give them a second (fifth?) chance. Maybe here, in the context of this post, they will prove to be of some merit and worth looking at? Or not.

Batch 1:

These were shot on Kodak Polypan F (that’s one that should have never gone away) and are the first of my shots developed in Artemisianol (sagebrush).

Granite Mountain Marble, this one shows that Polypan glow to good effect I think.
Prater Way Market, these shots were taken with my Voigtlander 15mm. Sometimes it has the odd effect of making things appear very two dimensional.
Siegel Suites downtown
Kuenzli Street near the Truckee River
The Truckee River
Railroad Crossing

Batch 2:

These were shot with Lomography Fantome Kino 8 using an Industar 50 lens, also developed in Artemisianol.

Not more shots of the VA parking building!
Yes, more.

Batch 3:

These were shot with Eastman Kodak 2374 sound recording film and have the dubious distinction of being both overexposed and overdeveloped in Artemisianol.

Stone House North
Coney Island Bar again
White Sidewalk

Batch 4: the last one

These are few left out of yesterday’s post shot on Rollei Infrared 400 with my RSS pinhole camera and developed in Cinestill monobath.

Park Trees
Across the Highway
Ralston Park

2 responses to “July 29, Really Just a Bunch of Left Over Shots or Who Curated this Post?”

  1. Really like the pen and ink drawing effect of batch 3. And the Tree Across the Highway from the last batch as well. Interesting work again and a lot of experimenting going on.


  2. Thank you Erwin! I appreciate the comment!


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