July 27, A Single Frame of Velvia 50

I love Fuji Velvia, especially in ISO 50, and I love my Chroma Six:9 with it’s Mamiya Sekor 50mm lens (the equivalent of about a 22mm lens in 35mm format), but I didn’t love many of the shots from this roll.

I decided to document my Making Artemisianol article with the Chroma and my last roll of Velvia, but I just didn’t love those shots, so I wound up not using them in the article.

There was really only one shot that I liked, it’s shown below. For this roll I had the Chroma configured as a 6×6 format camera (it takes about two seconds to snap in the frame masks for 6×6). This was developed by The Darkroom in San Clemente.

Wild Thistle

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