July 26, 5 Frames of Overexposed Eastman Kodak 2374 Developed in Artemisianol

I seem to have a real talent for overexposing and overdeveloping high contrast black and white film. Not that I’m really complaining, I do like the look of these. This was a roll of Eastman Kodak 2374 sound recording film, marketed by The Film Photography Project as High-Fi 2374, it’s very high contrast stuff. I like it quite a bit, I’m still not sure about the numerals visible in the middle of every few frames though. For this post I wound up choosing images sans numerals.

After developing my first roll shot at the box speed of ISO 50, I wondered if the speed of this film was over rated, so I shot this roll at 25. In retrospect, now I do believe that 50 may be the correct rating for 2374.

In an effort to control this trend towards overdevelopment just a bit, I used a different recipe for this batch of Artemisianol. I didn’t cook this batch down after the initial brewing, because I had a lot less sagebrush to work with and consequently a lot less sagebrush infusion to use. I also suspected I was using too much Sodium Carbonate before, not just because of the overdevelopment, but because not all of the sodium carbonate was dissolving into solution.

This is the recipe I got from Yumyumsoups for developer made from Cowboy Sage (Artemisia Californica):

1 Liter Cowboy Sage Tea

80 g Soda

20 g Vitamin C

30°/15 minutes

I halved the recipe because I only need 450ml to fill my Ars-Imago Lab Box, except that I forgot to halve the Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and used 20g to half a liter of developer instead of the 10g I should have used. Possibly this explains the overdevelopment of this roll? Doh!

I have one more roll of 2374, I’ll shoot this remaining roll at box speed and do the developer by the book this time, and see what I get. I really want to develop some RPX 25/120 in Artemisianol, but I’m going to experiment more on 35mm film before I do, I think.

These were all shot with my Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm on my Canon IVSb2.

No. 12
School Corner
Scoopers Drive In
Stone House East

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