July 25, 5 Frames of Portra 160

I’m still not sure how I feel about most color negative films, I usually prefer transparencies like Fuji Velvia (although it seems like Velvia 50 has been very hard to get for a while now, I suspect it won’t be around at all for much longer, I hope I’m wrong!) or even Provia. Nonetheless, Portra 160 isn’t too bad at all, not my favorite by any means, but it gets the job done.

I feel a little bit sleazy publishing these as they were all shot very close to home, so that I could finish up a roll that I wanted to send off. The rest of the roll was documentation for my Artemisianol article, of which I wound up using only one shot. Oh well.

These were all shot with my old Pentax SV and 35mm Super Takumar lens. This camera/lens combo is making me appreciate the 35mm focal length. I may even wind up with a 35mm for my rangefinder cameras. Nothing wrong with the Super Takumar though, it’s a great lens, at least by my standards.

A lavender house just around the corner
Kid’s Chairs
Shaun’s Gate No.247
Vent Box

2 responses to “July 25, 5 Frames of Portra 160”

  1. I have one, maybe two rolls of Velvia 50 in 120 in the freezer. Sounds like they may be the last I ever shoot.


  2. I hope not Jim, but I don’t see it around anywhere. I’m hoping that situation is temporary. I am looking forward to tying the new Ektachrome though!


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