July 24, 8 Frames of Rollei RPX 25

Shot with my Hawkeye No.2. Yay, I figured out how to correctly wind the film on and I got the proper 8 shots to the roll. These came out as super contrasty as my first shots with RPX 25 so I’m very pleased. While I wouldn’t say any of these shots are amazing in any way, I’m comforted to know that I can get pretty consistent results with this camera, film and developer combination.

The next step is to try developing RPX in Artemisianol, but I’m down to one roll of it, so I’m going to test some other films in sagebrush first and try and refine the recipe a bit, or at least get my developing times pretty set.

Jim Pagels
Slanted Roof
Flanigan Square
Wood Siding
Stucco Texture
de Chiricos Door
Chain Link

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