July 19, Ghost Buildings;

So this is another comedy of errors sort of thing. I’m working on a film developer made from sagebrush (artemesia tridentata), and I’m testing a few different film stocks with it to get a feel for how it responds before I publish an article on it.

Today I shot a roll of Lomography Fantome Kino 8, which is a film I like quite bit, with the exception of its damnable, intractable, insufferable curliness. Other than that, it’s really a nice film with great contrast, decent exposure latitude, etc.

So today, after developing in my patented Artemesianol I discovered that this roll was extremely overexposed as well as being overdeveloped. The overdeveloped part wasn’t a big surprise. I’m working on getting the time and temp for general application down and was prepared for a slightly overdeveloped roll. I would call this roll moderately overdeveloped, but Artemesianol is a very contrasty developer, so with the over exposure (I guess I can’t trust my old Weston Master IV so well anymore) and the effect of overdevelopment I got a few frames that turned out to be a little interesting.

Here they are, I call them ghost buildings. I’m guessing that in the future, should I want to replicate this effect, I won’t be able to, so I might as well enjoy it now.

These were all shot with my 27mm Lumenbox lens (which does crazy things with light anyway) on my Canon IVSb2 and developed for 15 minutes in Artemesianol.

Apocalypse Truck

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