July 12, An Odd Pair:

These photographs are quite different from each other, but they were done on consecutive days, so here we go.

The first is a cámara galletita lumen pic from my home made repurposed pinhole camera. it’s the first I’ve ever taken in the shade of a tree, although you’ll see that it managed to catch some direct sunlight regardless. I’m pleased with the colors on this one. it was an 11 hour exposure.

The second is a lumen print from a digital negative. I stole the idea from Meredith Wilson on Flickr, where she presented a very cool looking lumen print. It had never occurred to me to make a digital negative for contact printing and then make a lumen print from it. This one was from a 35mm negative and the print was a 1/2 hour exposure in bright daylight.

Under the Silver Maple Tree
Gas Again!

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