July 10, The Search for the Souls of Objects:

This is going to sound crazy; but in my imagination, objects have souls. In my minds eye the souls of objects have appearances that are distinct from those of their objects, they glow softly and even pulse slowly. I’ve even seen them in my dreams sometimes.

To be clear, I don’t think I’m completely crazy yet, I don’t genuinely believe that objects have souls, but when I discovered the results of these extreme over exposures with the Lumenbox, I thought to myself these photos are uncannily similar to what I imagine the souls of objects to look like. So that’s what I’m calling this series: The Search for the Souls of Objects. Here are a few, more will probably follow.

For my regular readers, you may have seen some of these in other posts, sorry about that, but I wanted to see what a decent sized group of these look like together. I’m also thinking of rewriting this article for another blog, so I’m just trying things out. Thanks for tolerating my continuing experiments!

As usual, these were all shot on Arista Ultra Edu grade 3 photo paper.

Sunflower Seedling, is a plant an object? 4 hour exposure
Clay Pot 5 hour exposure
Covered Spindle Sander 2 hour exposure
Tru Temper 10 hour double exposure
Burning Chair 10 hour triple exposure
Bike Pump,8 hour triple exposure

Below are a couple interior long exposures with the Lumenbox. I’ve posted both of these to this blog at one time or an another:

Kettle 14 hour exposure
Fan 10 hour multiple exposure

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